How to Get Bigger and Stronger Triceps in Just 30 Days

Give me 30 days and I’ll give you bigger and stronger triceps, guaranteed. Everything you need is right here in this article: theory, exercises, and workouts.

The triceps are the unsung heroes of arm muscles.

They may not have the sex appeal of the biceps, but, ironically, they comprise about two-thirds of the overall size of your upper arms.

That’s why developing great triceps is one of the little-known “secrets” to building big arms.

Case in point:

A bit much, I know, but it illustrates the point nonetheless.

Here’s a shot of me that’s a bit more achievable for us mere natties:


So, if you want to know how I “made my horseshoes”, and how you can make more triceps gains in the next 30 days than you have in the last 3 months (or longer!), then you want to keep reading.

Whether you’re new to lifting and unsure of where to start, a seasoned gym rat looking to break through a plateau, or somewhere in between, if you want bigger and stronger triceps, you’re in the right place.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what the triceps are, the best exercises for training them, and how to program your training for maximal triceps gains.

Let’s get to it.

What Are the Triceps, Exactly?

The triceps, aka the triceps brachii, is a three-headed muscle located on the back of your upper arm.

Here’s how it looks:


As you can see, when each of the heads are properly developed, they form a distinctive upside-down horseshoe on the back of the arm.

You probably also noticed that the lateral head is the largest of the three, which means it’s also the part of the muscle group that both develops the fastest and most determines the overall look of your triceps.

In short, when people think of “big triceps,” they’re thinking of big lateral heads.

That said, if you want to see everything that your triceps have to offer, then you want to make sure that all three heads are fully developed.


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